Peter is an experienced Software Engineer, Consultant, and Technical Trainer specialising in creating reliable software systems using Javascript and Cloud-Native technologies. Proficient in guiding individuals and businesses to implement and utilize Temporal technology, a cutting-edge framework for building software with robust execution. Leveraging my background in consulting, I am adept at translating complex technical concepts into understandable, actionable knowledge. By utilizing my expertise and passion for developing leading-edge solutions, I aim to empower teams and businesses to improve their operations, drive speed and efficiency, and create innovative products. My ultimate goal is to help companies change the way they conceive and develop software systems, using the latest technologies to create more resilient, scalable, and maintainable software.

He's an experienced writer that has written articles, tutorials, and guides for the like of Twilio, Heroku, and Pluralsight. He is the author of “How to build a serverless app platform on Kubernetes”.

Current Project: